Webster3One of the best investments that you can ever make in Webster, Texas, is a home. It is a wonderful city that enjoys a warm climate, humid summers and moderate winters. It offers many activities for families, especially for kids, including Jump N’ Jungle and Main Event.

As one of the primary construction companies in Texas serving cities such as Webster, it is our mission to provide comprehensive, dependable, and cost-effective roofing and construction solutions.

We are THE premier roofing specialist that implements a multifold approach to different roof issues. Our crew is well trained in installing various types of commercial- and residential-grade roofing materials. We also offer a special service, architectural roofing, that gives your home more style and character. We deal with more advanced roofing supplies like sheet stocks coated with zinc and anodized aluminum, as well as fabricate roofs to further fit your needs and preferences. We perform repairs and replacements resulting from all types of damage including hail, wind and age.

Amertex begins all projects with thorough planning and design. First, a specialist is sent to survey the property and take notes. We then sit down with the clients and discuss the best options tailored to their needs. We provide customized maintenance plans and remodeling designs, which include wall resurfacing, paint refinishing, cabinetry, and interior and exterior remodeling.

In order to make a house more energy efficient, we implement adaptive, sustainable attic ventilation technology. This helps homeowners save more money on electric costs while making the house cooler and more comfortable.

Amertex is proud to have a highly respected team that maintains solid experience, in-depth knowledge and expertise in various areas of the industry. We invest in continued learning to assure we are trained with the best practices and latest trends. In addition to Webster, we have clients in Bayou Vista, Fresno, Pasadena, Tiki Island and San Leon, among others.

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