Texas City

Texas City is one of the cities that we have served for a while now here at Amertex. As a Texas-based group, we are very proud of this city not just because of the presence of many jobs, but also because of the city\’s effort to make living more comfortable to its residents. It features several parks and recreation centers including the famous Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail and the prairie that covers over 2,000 acres of preserved land.

With more than 20 years of roofing and construction experience, Amertex is the choice company for several of the Texas City residents and business owners. We are highly respected and trusted in the industry because we always commit to delivering nothing but 100% satisfaction for our clients. We have worked with many home of various designs or plans and our exceptional service doesn\’t go unnoticed. We are a consistent A+ company according to the Better Business Bureau.

Amertex offers a wide range of services, but we specialize in providing different types of roofing services. We have roofing specialists with high-level training, education, and experience to help you get the best installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance. Because roof health is also dependent on gutters, downspouts, and shingles, we will repair, modify, and clean them as well. Besides that, we provide a more efficient ventilation system in your attic that helps the cooling of your entire home, leading to a lower electricity bill that can be installed with our new roof installation service.

We also specialize in foundation repair and remediation. Over time soil patterns change, causing major issues such as sink holes. We perform inspections in order to help maintain your foundation and prevent any future problems such as cracks in the floors and walls of your home.

Amertex offers a complimentary initial on-site assessment. We send one of our team members to your property to personally evaluate it, identify issues, and recommend the best options. This helps to establish a positive relationship with our clients and a mutual trust from the beginning.

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