Taylor Lake Village

Taylor Lake Village is one of the most picturesque cities within the Galveston – Houston area. Its location is close to the placid waters providing a calming sensation throughout the city. It has a huge tract of land for recreation that includes a fishing pier and a sports field. Being a small community made up of beautifully designed subdivisions, it promotes closeness and bonding among the residents. Visiting Taylor Lake Village and catching either the sunrise or sunset is always a treat in itself.

Here at Amertex, we understand that many things may cause the premature deterioration of homes and business establishments in Taylor Lake Village. The constant presence of water means an elevated moisture level and roofs can be battered by changing weather patterns. This is one of the many reasons why we provide high quality roofing and construction services here.

Amertex is a construction company that has already helped so many families in Taylor Lake Village maintain and take care of their residential properties. In the process, we are able to retain their excellent market value and make them more comfortable and more of an enjoyable place to live in.

We are proud to hold more than 20 years of roofing and construction experience under our name. Through the years, we have sustained a good track record and reliable services. One of our secrets is to continuously invest in the most essential resources, such as good materials and dedicated and efficient specialists.

Amertex is one of the leaders in A+ rated roofing services. We perform maintenance, installation, replacement, and repair from minor leaks to complete re-roofing. We are thoroughly engaged in roof restoration and design. GAF and James Hardie are just two of the major roofing and siding suppliers that we buy materials from in order for our clients to have only top-grade materials used in their properties.

In addition to the roof, water can also have some effect on the quality of the soil. Amertex offers Taylor Lake Village residents peace of mind and security with out foundation repair and remediation. Other services we offer include interior and exterior remodelling, fencing, and painting.

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