imagesAmertex, a full-service construction and roofing company, is committed to help you not just improve the overall look of your properties but also to protect them against the elements and pests. One of the services we offer is siding, which is the process of installing a concrete board to your walls or other buildings to provide protection against the effects of changing weather or to shed water. It also helps in the prevention of moisture penetration and hinders the growth of dust mites, mold, bacteria, and other biological contaminants. Adding new sliding to your home is one of your most important investments as it gives the structure that much needed stability and it increases its aesthetic value.

We install a variety of siding types using the best available materials in the industry. Our certified siding installers will provide you with several options to meet your budget and preference. These experts will also offer you with unbiased professional advice when needed. We help you pick the color that will match the overall structure of your property, the width of the siding, and guide you through each important decision.

Our Siding Services

  • Installation – As one of Texas’ most respected companies in the roofing and construction industry and with long history of providing excellent services, you can be assured that our siding projects are guaranteed to be done fast, under budget, and highly efficient. Prior to the installation of sidings, our highly experienced and well-trained specialists will provide you with precise and thorough quote. We’ll also provide you with expert advice in choosing the best materials to use. Be assured that each siding materials will be custom-bend to fit your home in order to get the best possible protection.
  • Repairs – Are your sidings suffering from sustained damages? Are there leaks, cracks, missing panels, or damaged fascia? Then, you can rely on Amertex to do quick but thorough repair. Just call us and we’ll send an expert to assess the damage right away.
  • Re-siding – If you’re considering updating your home’s overall look, say you want to add character to your Victorian-theme house or you want to add character to your colonial-style property, we can help you change all your sidings quickly and efficiently.

Your Options

Committed to addressing unique needs and preference, we at Amertex offer a wide variety James Hardie cement board siding depending on your budget and preference. All our professional siding installers are trained in all types of siding so you can select styles that will be compliment the overall design of your home.

We are fully licensed and insured with A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau thus, you can be assured that should you choose to hire us, your house will be in good hands.

Call us today for a free inspection at 713-422-2442 or fill out our Free Estimate Form online.