Many of us at Amertex have deep fascination and fond memories of Seabrook. It may not be as urban as other cities in the greater metropolitan area, but it definitely has character with quite a few of the old homes still preserved and many others converted into family-run businesses, from boutiques to grocery stores and restaurants.

Here at Amertex, it is our goal to protect these homes from the potential detriment of wear and tear to ensure that they able to last for a very long time, even being used as legacies to the future generation.

We are able to accomplish this goal by offering our Seabrook clients with home-centric products and services that include fencing, siding, painting, roofing, and interior and exterior modeling. We are also engaged in foundation services to ensure your home doesn’t go through premature and unnecessary wear and tear.

Our roofing services cover a broad base of things. Aside from roof repair and installation, we also perform maintenance and replacement. Because of our extensive training and knowledge in the many fields of roofing and construction, Seabrook homeowners can always expect reliable, practical, and cost-effective recommendations for all their roofing issues. We strive to leave each of our clients 100% satisfied and their home in beautiful condition.

Our foundation service is very important because it can save your home from future problems that can be avoided now. We inspect homes for cracks, loose soil, and changing land patterns. These help prevent serious problems such as sink holes that may lead to catastrophic outcomes. We employ state-of-the-art technologies that help us detect, assess, and resolve any foundation problems.

With Amertex, you will be working with a trusted company with more than 20 years of experience in the business and A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for many years. We are a company that values hard work, commitment, and a positive customer relationship.

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