Over the last few years, Rosharon has become a hotspot for singles, couples, and families looking for cheaper but quality homes in Texas. It’s about 25 miles away from Angleton, Friendswood, Sugar Land, Richmond, Pecan Grove, and Webster. Rosharon is where you can find attractions like Creep Hollow Haunted House at Valley Vista Drive and Wake Nation, popular for its cable lake, extreme sport, and observation deck.

We at Amertex have made it our goal to make sure that living in Rosharon is easy, convenient, and comfortable. We help maintain the quality of your home, allowing it to last for many years to come.

Amertex is a world-class construction company that specializes in roofing, siding, foundation, painting, fencing, and remodeling. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and many of our clients can attest to our devoted commitment, passion, and technical skills that meets or exceeds their needs and expectations.

We have an able team who perform projects promptly and with very minimum supervision. To ensure the quality of work and your personal preferences are properly taken care of, every project includes a manager that serves your point of contact.

Amertex offers intensive services to our clients, covering almost all aspects related to the service being performed. We are an industry leader in roofing innovation and efficiency. Our company has partnered with GAF Corporation that provides us with only the best roofing products including a new line of shingles with years of warranty. These materials carry the seal of advanced design, technology, aesthetics, and function. They possess leak barriers in order to avoid the buildup of moisture and water leaks. They are also designed to withstand very strong winds and severe weather conditions.

We also conduct full home inspections and surveys in order to determine their structural integrity. Solid homes built on firm soil have a higher chance of surviving disasters such as earthquakes and high intensity winds. If your home is not solid we will make recommendations as to how to remedy that. We check on wall cracks, soil pattern changes, and presence of sinkholes and provide immediate and necessary solutions.

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