The Amertex group frequents the city of Manvel, not just to provide our long-list of customers with world-class roofing and construction services, but also to fulfill our appetites. The City of Manvel is where you can get one of the best tasting potato wedges in the world with loads of bacon and cheddar on top at Jack in the Box. Bamboo Wok offers delicious Asian cuisines while Sonic Drive-in gives you wonderful grilled chicken sandwiches and mozzarella sticks. It is for this reason that working on projects in Manvel is extra sweet.

The main service that we offer the residents and business owners of Manvel is roofing. Working very hard to be recognized as the leading roofing company in Texas, we offer a complete range of roofing services including new roof construction for homes and businesses, re-roofing, and hail and severe weather damage repair. For homeowners, we also offer ridge ventilation installation for attic cooling that can be swiftly installed with any new roofing project. We will take care of the assessment, installation, repair, and maintenance.

Initially established as a hard-working roofing company, we have expanded our business to meet the growing needs of our Manvel clients. Services we have added over the years include fencing and foundation. We do both wood and metal fencing as well as gates and fencing embellishments. Our specialists are well trained, very knowledgeable, and aware of new trends that are pleasing and will last through the years. Meanwhile, our foundation services include survey and assessment, foundation repair, and commercial foundation services. In addition, we also offer services including painting, interior and exterior remodeling, and siding.

We employ a combination of the industry’s best practices, latest sustainable technologies, and cost-effective construction solutions to guarantee a world-class service and an exceptional customer experience.

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