Living in Fresno gives you quick access to large cities such as Missouri City, Houston, and Pasadena without being trapped in the hustle and bustle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fresno offers the relaxation you need after a hard day’s work and recreation during weekends.

Raising a family in Fresno is certainly much easier than in the heart of a large city, especially since the cost of living is lower. This allows people to have more money to participate in desired leisure activities. However, it is always a good idea to set aside some of the extra investments to take care of your home. A residential property can be subjected to many different types of problems including leaking roofs, overflowing gutters, damaged sidings, peeling paints, weakened foundations, and old fencing. Paying attention to these issues and giving them proper maintenance will not only decrease the number of future problems your property could have, but also increase it’s value over time.

Throughout the last 20 years, it has become our mission to help households in Fresno, as well as much of the Texas state, properly maintain their homes and even improve the property’s value in the market. It is important that we leave your home in beautiful condition and leave you with a service you can always rely on.

As a construction company, we achieve this through the following services: siding, fencing, foundation, interior and exterior remodeling, painting, and ventilation especially in the attic. In addition, we are also Texas’s number one roofing specialist, working with large brands such as GAF and James Hardie. With these suppliers we provide Fresno homes with roofing and siding products that claim excellent warranty and durability.

Amertex boasts professional, well trained teams that are able to tackle many different types of construction projects and jobs. We always try to keep our crews educated and constantly learning in order to offer our clients the best selections. We do our best work according to preferred time frames, but we also work closely with each client in order to offer the best advice and suggestions.

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