Wood Fencing Solutions that Protect your Property

A wooden fence is the ideal way to protect your property and add an extra layer of security for your home and the people within it.

Whether you are a residential property, farm or a commercial property a wood fence is a convenient option for protecting privacy, landscaping, pool, livestock and adding the extra barrier from burglars.

If you’re looking for a natural fencing product for your property a wood fence is a fantastic option for your home. Affordable and able to be stained, painted and tailored to the style of your home, a wood fence will provide maximum privacy to your home and backyard area.

Made traditionally from treated pine lumber or western red cedar, wooden fences are pressure treated or naturally fortified to ensure weather resisitance.

AmerTex offers a complete wood fence solution for homes and properties across South Houston. Locally owned and operated, AmerTex provides start to finish wood fences for all commercial and residential purposes offering all services from survey, design, right through to installation and maintenance.

Wood fences that are designed for all seasons

AmerTex uses only the finest wood products for our wood fences using both treated pine lumber and red cedar. All of our fences are resistant to insects and the weather allowing for a secure fencing solution that stands the test of time.

Wood fences are easy to maintain and offer great value for property owners looking for an affordable and durable fencing product that is simple to install.

All fences are ideal for adding the privacy you require to ensure your home and property is protected, and your family is safe.

AmerTex provides a wide range of fencing options that add aesthetic appeal to your property. Available in a wide range of sizes to meet the individual needs of your property, AmerTex’s fences are installed using state of the art machinery to get the job done on time and on budget.

As the trusted name in South Houston, AmerTex are the leaders in installing wood fences that are resilient and offer a natural look to the exterior of your home.

Classic timber fences that are affordable and add security to your property

One of the most classic styles of fences, a wood fence is not only a popular option but also one of the most resilient forms of fencing available.

Easily installed and simple to maintain, wood fences can be either stained or left natural and are a flexible option for fencing off a residential property.

Wood fences can be expertly installed by the team at AmerTex adding natural charm to all style of properties from traditional style homes to modern masterpieces.

Wood fences also come in a wide range of styles to suit your individual taste and property ranging from colonial style features right through to paling fences.

If you’re looking for a fence that offers privacy, character and a style that suits almost every home, a wood fence is the ideal option for your fencing needs.

AmerTex provides and installs wood fences across South Houston

When you’re in the market for a wood fence you want a fence that matches your home and offers excellent protection against theft. Timber fences are easy to install and a popular choice for homeowners across Houston.

AmerTex engages only the best fence installers for projects across South Houston. All of our fencing specialists are licensed and insured to offer the best fencing services in the local area. We offer competitive prices and all fences are backed by a warranty.

Our team design, source materials, install and maintain all wood fences for gardens, backyards and throughout residential and commercial properties, providing the highest quality fences that are affordable and perfect for all properties.

All work undertaken by our team is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and materials are superior in quality. Whatever style of wood fence you’re looking to install for your exterior remodeling project, AmerTex can provide the fencing solution to meet your budget.

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