Amertex is one of the leading construction companies in the greater Texas area serving cities including Dickinson. This great community is filled with beautiful and inspiring attractions such as the Tuscon Courtyard, Beacon Lakes Golf Club, and Centurion Palace. Dickinson is a wonderful place to raise a family without the hustle and bustle of highly urbanized cities.

With over 20 years of experience, we offer high quality roofing services to the residents and business owners of Dickinson. Wide ranging and comprehensive, our services include many roofing projects from installation to maintenance. With largely credible suppliers such as GAF and James Hardie, our customers are able to be at ease knowing the materials being used are of superior quality. We handle any number of jobs from roof replacement and repair to gutters and shingles. We also take care of all roof planning and design necessary.

Along with roofing, our painting services are top notch. For exterior walls, we begin by cleaning and pressure washing the to allow the paint to hold to the concrete or wood for years. The services we engage in for interior walls include painting, resurfacing, drywall repair, and baseboard painting. Much like the exterior walls, we make sure to have the interior surfaces clean before beginning, so there will be less demand for touch ups and minor repairs throughout the years.

Other services we offer including siding, interior and exterior remodeling, and foundation services. It is our aim to make any structure in Dickinson not just visually appealing but safe to homeowners and the general public as well.

We put a high value on quality and commitment. We make sure to always produce something beyond your expectations. We guarantee commendable work at all times and provide you with honest, courteous, knowledgeable, and hardworking specialists.

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