About Us

Amertex Roofing & Construction is the product of two close friends from Friendswood, Texas with its beautiful wooded communities and friendly small-town atmosphere that make the area so special. Like the community with which they live and base their operations, the founders wanted to design a unique company. One that would draw its strengths through a down-to-earth and personable approach to each and every project it was privileged to manage.


Having been in the industry for decades both as a contractor as well as a customer, the two founders had a deep understanding of both points of view. They were committed to construct a company that would be built on a solid foundation of principals and quality. They set out to do anything they could to remove the confusion that seems to be associated with most roofing and construction projects these days. They vowed to figure out a way to put an end to the sea of missed appointments, unanswered phone calls, frivolous charges and misleading guarantees that seems to have plagued the industry.


Amertex actually builds with its clients, not just for them. Whether you are installing a new roof or simply adding a fresh coat of paint, home improvement projects of any size can at times feel overwhelming with the amount of planning that is involved. There is no better way to ensure that your project runs smoothly than to have a strong relationship with a company that is known for founding its business practices on trust and mutual understanding.


Since 2013, Amertex Roofing & Construction has been operating in and around South Houston, installing roofs, siding, gutter and fence as well the countless indoor and outdoor remodeling projects. There is truly no job too large or too small for our team to tackle. We firmly believe that all projects demand the same amount of attention and quality from beginning to end. Our motto “We’re On Top of Things” is a declaration of quality customer service in which we promise to walk our customers through each and every step of any roofing or construction project in order to empower the client with complete confidence in their project decisions as well as in the company they hired to do the job!