Interior Remodeling

look-in-your-kitchen-with-kitchen-remodeling-home-design-gallery-large-kitchen-remodelling-3As part of our comprehensive wrap around service, we offer a range of services for residential and commercial property improvements including interior construction and remodeling. Our highly trusted professional remodelers, who boast years of solid experience and expertise in this field, use only state-of-the-art technology combined with in-depth knowledge in intricate architectural details to help you maximize your space, increase your home’s value, and make your home more enjoyable and extremely comfortable.


Amertex’s team of interior remodelers are well known and well-respected for various projects they have handled throughout Houston. Each project mirrors the company’s uncompromising commitment not just to quality but to the environment as well. The team’s creative mind and its inventive outlook allow us to execute the perfect design that meets the client’s particular preference and objective. Whether you require simple house improvements, update the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom, or want to add a completely new room to your home, Amertex’s team of experts can deliver on time and under budget.


Amertex’s team of interior remodelers can handle any type of project regardless of size and complexity. We remodel rooms, kitchens and bathrooms while ensuring that they are pleasing on the eyes, inviting and most of all functional. Services offered include installing cabinets, granite countertops, tile backsplashes, lighting and new sink fixtures for your kitchen. Meanwhile, for bathroom remodeling projects you can count on us to efficiently handle water fixtures, sinks, bathtubs and showers, tile showers, glass shower doors, lighting fixtures, etc. We also do tile and wood flooring, carpet, wall construction, lighting, fans, electrical, drywall and wall texturing.


Aside from using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment we also hire other trained professionals to ensure not just the quality but overall safety as well. These may include our in-house electricians, plumbers and builders. In addition our supply partners are some of the industries most well-respected organizations which offer only the highest quality products in the market. Because of this we are able to provide a guarantee on most of our products giving clients that much needed peace of mind.


Collaboration is the key


Most of the clients we have worked with in the past have specific ideas on how they would like their house or commercial space to look; some know exactly what decor they want installed while others want our designers to assist with the latest trends. Regardless of your preference, we will provide you with an expert opinion while encouraging collaboration to achieve the desired end-results.


Services offered include:


  • Preliminary consultation with obligation-free quotes
  • Space planning
  • Submission of sketches and other specifications
  • Consulting with suppliers, engineers, and architects
  • Providing final estimate
  • Purchasing necessary materials
  • Designing, fabrication, and installation of fixtures



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