4 Reasons Why Repairing Roofs Is Important

There’s a leak!” So what, right? It’s just a small thing. Well, maybe that’s true, but ignoring it can be the biggest roofing mistake you’ll ever make. Let us stress the significance of roof repair:

1. Repairs are generally cheaper than full replacement.leaky-roof1

What happens if you allow the roof to suffer problems, say, a leak? The wate drip can go to the crevices of your roofing then to your ceiling. Over the years, it will start to weaken the foundation and damage the other parts of the roof. In other words, a very simple issue like a leak can mean a shortened life span of the roof.

Repair prices can vary depending on the issue and which side of the roof they have to work on, but it’s not impossible to spend less than $200 for its repair. A full replacement, on the other hand, can mean double the installation cost. For example, the initial installation costs $4,000. The roof, which has a life span of 10 years, suffers from a unresolved leaking problem so by the time the sixth year rolls on, it’s already too damaged to be repaired so you buy a new roof for $4,000 or even more (as prices tend to go up over time).

2. It keeps you under warranty.

All roofs carry a warranty from the manufacturer, and often it’s equivalent to the ideal life span of the roof. Take note, however, that it’s very rare to find unlimited warranty. What you normally get to have is a limited warranty that is based on many terms and conditions. Moreover, it covers manufacturer’s defects only. Hence, if the problem may have stemmed from negligence or lack of proper maintenance, you may never be able to exert the warranty to have it replaced.

By repairing the roof before the problem becomes bigger, you can extend its life and continue to be protected by the warranty.

3. You can keep the rest of your house in good shape too.

Go back to point no. 1. We have illustrated one of the many consequences that can happen if your roof is not immediately repaired. Roofing can actually affect the ventilation, heating, and cooling of your home. It can reduce the quality of indoor air, promote the growth of molds and mildew, and make your house smell really nasty. The increase in moisture can mean potential wall cracks and peeling paint.

Your house is like a human body. All of its parts work together to keep you protected. Because they are also interconnected, the rest are affected if one of them is not properly maintained.

4. It helps maintain the value of your home.

Building value for your home is essential especially if you’re thinking about selling it in the future or applying for a loan and using the property as collateral. In both situations, it all boils down to how soon can your house be sold on the market. These days, buyers don’t like to spen on repairs.





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