5 Signs Your Home Is Sick

Like a human body, the house can look good on the outside and deathly sick on the inside. Usually, it’s “illness” occurs gradually. Hence, you don’t immediately notice it. But your home could already be on its death bed if you experience these:

1. You’re getting sick more frequently.

It’s normal for people to get sick especially now that we’re experiencing some crazy weather changes. But if you’ve been rushed to the ER more often than in the last 5 to 10 years or you’ve been setting appointments to your doctor more frequently, then perhaps something more sinister is causing it like your very own home.

More than 80% of homeowners are not aware that air quality indoors can be worse than the outdoors. Imagine for a very limited space, you have all sorts of pollutants from chemicals to molds, mites, mildew, dust, radon, and volatile organic compounds from bad paint. All these can exacerbate respiratory diseases such as asthma or worse cause cancer (long-term exposure to radon is now considered a cause of cancer).

2. Energy costs skyrocket.

You’ve just received your bill and the biggest shock of your life: your energy costs have just zoomed up, about 5% more than the average. So you ask yourself, “What happened?” Look around your home and your activities over the last few months. Have you been overusing the AC? Perhaps it’s because your house has become more humid. It’s time to check your ventilation system and moisture level. You also need to catch air leaks, which can happen in many areas of the home, from the roof to the sill plates and wall cracks. By simply caulking the leaks, you can already save as much as 20% of cooling costs.

3. You’re spending more money on repairs than on maintenance.

Is your maintenance budget increasing? Have you been calling repair crew more often now? Although paying attention to repairs is important, frequent repairs should also be a cause of alarm. Perhaps the issue is more than cosmetic and the root cause is more serious than you think. When you reach this point, it’s best to have a contractor thoroughly inspect your house before other repairs have to be performed.

4. Your home has been in the market far too long.

Granted, how long the house stays on the market depends whether it’s a lean or peak times. When it’s the former, homes can still be up for sale after a year. During the best periods, though, it should be sold within a month. So if your house has never received an offer within the last 6 to 2 years, you should be concerned.

Many things can affect the sale of your house, and one of these is its condition. Most buyers have already seen plenty of properties or have done their research, so they can easily spot serious home issues.

5. Your contractor tells you so.

When your contractor says your house is sick, then it’s a totally different ball game. After all, between you two, he’s the more experienced and knowledgeable.




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